Возможность удалить все подписки разом. :: Garry’s Mod Help / Problems / Bugs

Возможность удалить все подписки разом. :: Garry's Mod Help / Problems / Bugs Подписки

Возможность удалить все подписки разом. :: garry’s mod help / problems / bugs






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This review is for new players who are considering installing this game.
From a player who has played this game for 5820 hrs, Dota2 is the number one free-to-play online game for me until now and I hope it always be.

Starting with the pros, anybody could be good at this game without spending any money as there is no cost for buying heroes, only some of them, which require more complex skills, will be unlocked when you reach the number of games played required(last checked 25 games of any heroes). Speaking of free to play, you might have questions about Dotaplus. Does having it make you play better than other players? Overall, it is like a shortcut for new players because it provides guides for picking heroes and building items. However, players could alternatively learn these things by experience or other free platforms. There are a lot of youtube channels or websites that provide FREE educational knowledge for this game. Hence, I disagree as the only Dotaplus function which is really useful for me is the option to avoid players.

Moreover, all heroes are well-designed to be played in various ways, making this game flexible. One hero could be played in 2-3 different roles depending on the trend of the current patch. In terms of item building, there is no fixed pattern for buying items. You will learn to analyze the game and build items according to the situation and your strategy. By experimenting with them, anyone could be the innovator of the meta(most effective tactics available).

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Ultimately, for those who like beautiful cosmetics. There are tons of cool skins and limited cosmetic items you can get from seasonal events. And the fact that heroes’ cosmetics could be customized part by part, you can make your own set of costumes. Besides the hero’s skin, there are many magnificent creep(minion or whatever you want to call it) skins, terrain, towers, weather effects, HUD, and even announcer packs you can customize. And some of them are at a low price. And again, having these things doesn’t affect your skill play.

However, there are some cons as well, namely, the toxic parts of the community. You may meet some players who have toxic attitudes which could affect your play. It would be great if you have good immunity and a positive mental attitude against these players.

Furthermore, Dota2 seems to be super complicated for beginners especially those who never experienced MOBA(massive online battle arena) games before. It takes time to go through the basics. So it is recommended to finish all the tutorials before entering normal matches. It might sound boring, but trust me, the more you learn, the more fun this game will become.

This game gives me a lot of things. As the servers open internationally, my English and typing skill are improved. I met a Thai friend who is in Norway last year and we have been playing together until now. This game also brought me a good community on Facebook which I can feel free to ask anything even it’s not about Dota2. To conclude, I have no regret playing this game.

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